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About Me

I have always been passionate about helping others and love hearing other people’s stories. It was always fascinating to me how our parents, our circumstances and how we felt as children play a huge role in how we behave as adults. 


I grew up on the island of Jersey, where cheap alcohol was normal because it was a tax-haven. Because of this many people had drink problems, my step-dad being one of them. This meant that I lived my life walking on egg shells and subconsciously thinking that I was never enough. As an adult this created various issues for me, affecting everyone around me. I was a control freak, had no boundaries, was a perfectionist and a part-time people pleaser!  I also seemed to attract in partners with drink problems and the notion that I could ’fix’ them. 


I started drinking around age 15 to avoid these feelings and then moved onto party drugs because I enjoyed the freedom and excitement that came with it all. I backpacked for about 7 years and settled in the Netherlands. One day, in 2002 I got the dreaded call that my step-dad had  passed away. I had always been on at him to stop drinking and lose weight, even offering him money if he did it!

I felt so sad and guilty that I had spent so many years away and had never spent any quality time with him as an adult. 


After moving to Australia I discovered Kinesiology and immediately signed up to do the 2 year diploma.  I can honestly say Kinesiology changed my life and made me see so many things about myself. I learned that the opposite of guilt is self-worth and mine was low!  I had an epiphany about my marriage and left my husband after 13 years together. My huge healing journey began and I began peeling the layers away. Once I started focusing on ME and practising self love, EVERYTHING shifted.


I get so much joy watching my clients grow into these amazing, self confident beings! After having a healing or coaching session with me or attending one of my workshops, circles or retreats, your vibration will automatically rise. You will start to see yourself in a new light, attracting in new experiences, finally put yourself first, love and appreciate yourself and access your inner light allowing it to shine bright!

If this sounds like something you would love to do please hit the button below!



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