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Workshops & Circles

Online Workshops

Elevate your life (Coming Soon!)

You will learn different energy hacks and strategies that will change your life and raise your vibrational frequency, which is absolutely key to manifesting your New Earth!

We cover topics such as grounding and energetic protection, immunity and managing stress, healthy boundaries, forgiveness, self love and more.

When you are vibrating at a high frequency you will attract in more high frequency people, situations and experiences. Life will flow with ease and become joyful as you realise that you now have the power to take on anything life throws at you. You will have your own toolkit that you can use at any time, especially when you feel like life is hard or you are struggling. Your heart will be more open and your life will elevate after attending this 3hr workshop.


When you sign up to any workshop you will have access to my private FB group where you can interact with other members and receive ongoing support, ask questions, be a part of a community as well as hearing about any upcoming workshops or events


Sacred Circles

It has been a passion of mine creating these women's circles, and I've loved every minute! There’s something very powerful and healing about a group of women coming together and knowing that they have someone holding space for them. This is a safe space to share, shed and connect to other like-minded individuals.


Each circle is held once a month. We look at whatever is coming up for you, as well as the collective and release all that no longer serves you, refilling your cup with love and gratitude. You will feel completely safe, heard, seen, supported, nurtured and loved.

*CURRENTLY RUNNING: 30th Jan - 24th Apr 2022

Every fortnightly Sunday 10am  - 12pm

A Series of 7 Circles, each one delving into the 7 main chakras and working through each one to help mum’s balance their own stress levels and take away energy hacks to help their kids with anxiety, whilst filling their own cup first. (You can join any of the Circles at any time)

Bookings are essential though as places are limited!

Book here:

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