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About Me

I am a KInesiologist and Inspirational Guide and I empower women by helping them to look inside and learn to love themselves and believe that they are POWERFUL and UNIQUE gorgeous beings! When you vibrate at a high frequency ANYTHING is possible and I teach women how to do this as well as shifting negative energy, beliefs and thought patterns.


I have always been passionate about helping others and love hearing other people’s stories. It was always fascinating to me how our parents, our circumstances and how we felt as children play a huge role in how we behave as adults. 


I grew up on the island of Jersey, where cheap alcohol was normal because it was a tax-haven. Because of this many people had drink problems, my step-dad being one of them. This meant that I lived my life walking on egg shells and subconsciously thinking that I was never enough. As an adult this created various issues for me, affecting everyone around me. I was a control freak, had no boundaries, was a perfectionist and a part-time people pleaser!  I also seemed to attract in partners with drink problems and the notion that I could ’fix’ them. 

I learned quickly that I couldn't help them and I needed to start focusing on ME! As soon as I did that EVERYTHING shifted!


It is my mission to help other's do the same. Nothing brings me more joy than watching my clients grow and bloom into amazing, self-aware, confident beings!


After working with me, your vibration will automatically rise. You will believe that you ARE enough, you ARE important and you CAN create your own amazing destiny!  

If you want to attract in new experiences and access your inner light, allowing it to shine bright, contact me today and lets work out a course of action!

About Me

The magic was always there, 

you just had to look inside

Katy Furnival

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How I can help
Anja. R

I found out about Katy's work when going to a workshop she ran about kinesiology. It blew my mind about the amazing affects of kinesiology and what the body does.


I continued onto booking a few appointments and after each session I felt so much clarity and lightness. She really helped me uncover subconscious aspects of myself that I didn't even realise that were affecting my life choices.


I 100% recommend Katy to anyone who is seeking answers within themselves and who want clarity on anything they're troubled with. I feel so much more confidence in dealing with my anxiety and not letting it stop me any more from things that help me grow.

Mish. M

I had my first online Kinesiology session with Katy today, three words:


I was surprised to find how deeply we could go, covering much ground online together. Whether in person or online, Katy's brilliant ability to guide with intention, honour, love and 100% presence is like a sharp arrow hitting the dead centre "return to Inner Balance" target every time.


I am finally seeing the real me beyond a lifetime of conditioning. Katy is, hands down, one of the most gifted healers I've had the pleasure of walking beside – I HIGHLY recommend booking a session with her.


I find the online sessions personally very beneficial because as an empath this format supports me in staying in my centre. Katy you truly are a wondrous gift in our midst my dear sister Thank you for your infinite wisdom & compassion xo

Diana. F

I had the most AMAZING session with Katy last week..  I was at ease straight away and I got so much from the consultation process alone before the treatment had even begun!


Katy is very perceptive and highly intuitive, she was able to identify past patterns in my life and work with them at a very deep level.  I have been feeling the positive effects of the session this whole week and can feel the profound difference that it has made in my life and how I see myself as a person. 


I am so grateful to Katy working her magic with me.

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